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Simplest Camera for Vlogging

Vlogging has become a common activity because it allows users to share their experiences, knowledge and other amazing videos and at the same time earn some cash. As of the moment, many YouTubers are sharing videos on YouTube yet there are still others who are aspiring to venture into the industry.

If you are a newbie and are wondering how to venture and open up your YouTube channel, things may seem a little bit difficult for you especially considering the price of equipment you have to start within your first gig.

However, it is not fair to burden yourself with the weight investing in such expensive equipment; you can start small and grow your way up. a camera is one of the most important equipment in a Vlogger’s arsenal and it determines the make or fail of a YouTube channel. Cameras are expensive and you need to start with whatever you have especially if you do not have the resources to buy a good camera. Here are some of the features you need to look for before you decide to buy a Smartphone as you open your first channel on YouTube.

Use your Phone

It can start as an idea and happen in an instance. If you do not have any money but are enthusiastic about Vlogging, why don’t you start by using your phone? The issue with procrastination is that it makes it difficult for things to start and you might end up not starting your channel at all. After all, what do you stand to lose?

A high number of Megapixels

When buying any device to take pictures or videos, Megapixels are the first thing to consider at all because they determine the quality of a photograph to take or videos to record. The higher the Megapixels, the higher the quality of videos. Therefore, you have not yet bought a Smartphone; it is time to consider one with high megapixels.

Audio Receiver

The video you take has to accompany good sound. If you are not going to edit the video to fix the sound, it is essential that you go with one with a good microphone; it also feels real when the audiences listen.

Whenever you are starting Vlogging, it is not a must that you start from the top. You can start from the bottom and make it up to the top with time while taking the videos on your Smartphone.

The External Build

When using your phone as a camera to record videos, you expose it to a lot of dangers such as falling and at times extreme weather. To avoid your phone’s destruction, go for a phone with corning gorilla screen and a tough external material.

Many potential Vloggers are stalled by the finances of buying a good camera yet they have their solutions in their own hands. To prevent yourself from taking too long to make it as a YouTuber, start now rather than later.